Yamaha YUS 1 SH2 PE Silent Piano
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Offerta aggiornata il 5/17/2021
Yamaha YUS 1 SH2 PE Silent Piano, Silent pianoThe Yamaha U-Series is the world's most recognized piano series for music schools, colleges, professional musicians and quality-conscious piano players. With the YUS series, Yamaha raises the quality standard for professional pianos to a new, even higher level.@+@+, With the new SH2 Silent System, 20 Sounds (e.g. Yamaha CFX grand piano, Bösendorfer Imperial), MIDI Recording/playback (10 songs), USB Audio recorder, Bluetooth audio, USB to device/to host, 88 Keys, 3 Pedals, Height: 121 cm, Width: 153 cm, Depth: 61 cm, Weight: 228 kg, Colour: Black, polished, Includes headphones, piano bench, piano light and delivery nationwide by piano shipping company
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