Yamaha D GB1 K EN Black Polished
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Yamaha D GB1 K EN Black Polished, Disk-Grand, The Disklavier ENSPIRE ST is designed for the listener as well as for the piano player, It offers more than a self-playing player piano, Fully integrated recording and playback functions and the patented Yamaha SILENT piano technology make this instrument the perfect space-saving model for the growing family, the established leisure musician or the passionate listener, State-of-the-art DSP Servo Drive system technology ensures accurate reproduction of playing by automatically monitoring and calibrating all key and pedal movements when played in real-time, 88 Keys, 3 Pedals (centre pedal: single tone holding pedal), Length: 151 cm, Width: 146 cm, Height: 99 cm, Weight: 295 kg, Colour: Black-Polished, Including piano bench and headphones, Incl. Delivery nationwide by piano delivery service and a communication service all over Germany
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