Selmer SE-SO2S Sopranino Sax
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Offerta aggiornata il 5/7/2021
Selmer SE-SO2S Sopranino Sax, Sopranino Saxophone@+The sopranino is the highest voice in the saxophone family and is increasingly used in contemporary music. The SELMER Sopranino Saxophone offers excellent intonation and evenly balanced resistance, which for this saxophone size are indispensable properties! The distinctively warm sound perfectly fits into the family of Super Action 80 II saxophones. With this instrument the SELMER's sound flexibility can be well realized.@+@+, Super action 80 II series, Straight build type, Silver plated body and keys, With engraving pattern, High F# key, Upholstery resonators made of metal, Incl. S80 C* mouthpiece and Selmer Light Case
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