YESTEL Andriod 10.0 Tablet, YESTEL 10 Pollici Tablet PC 2 in 1 con Exclusive Magnetic Keyboard, 4G LTE Dual SIM Call, Octa cores, FHD 1920 * 1200, 6000mAh,64G ROM Tablet Kit-Grigio

€189.99 (Spese incluse)

Caratteristiche e dettagli tecnici

Dotato di tastiera esclusiva per tablet YESTEL T5 Con tastiera magnetica esclusiva per tablet YESTEL T5, un tablet corrisponde a una tastiera (QWERTY), non necessario alcun collegamento di accoppiamento Bluetooth, basta collegarlo e usarlo, veloce e sensibile. Dual 4G LTE call]YESTEL T5 tablet has dual 4G LTE high-definition call function, and 5G wifi signal, so you can use it wherever you want, whether at home or in outdoor scenes (libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) Use the tablet for entertainment or work anytime and anywhere. FHD display + powerful processor]YESTEL T5 tablet is equipped with a 1920*1200 resolution high-definition LCD display, with a 10-inch size and an eight-core processor, you can easily multitask Operation, do not have to worry about the issue of lag. Android 10 system + 6000mAh battery]YESTEL T5 tablet is equipped with the latest Android 10 system, the original ecosystem, very clean, without too much bundled software. Basically compatible with most applications on the market, such as ZOOM, WHATSAPP, OFFICE software, Youtube, Netflix, SKYGO, etc. Tablet PC + keyboard + protective cover]YESTEL T5 tablet computer is equipped with a dedicated keyboard. It is a mini keyboard and a protective cover. The weight of the tablet computer with the keyboard is about 1000 grams. It is lighter and lighter than ordinary notebooks, and it is used on business trips. It is an ideal substitute for notebook computers.
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